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Download Clash of Clans Logo in full HD

Hello there, welcome to our website, today we are going to discuss about Clash of clans logo. The logo contains a shield with two arrows struck making it look so hot.

COC logo itself portrays that it is a strategic and war game. It is designed by Supercell special font. Supercell uses this font to make such beautiful logos of its other games like Clash royale and Boom beach. Clash of clans is a strategic game which enables you to design your own base.

clash of clans logo
clash of clans logo

You can download this beautiful logo from our site in many different sizes. And the good news is that using this clash of clans logo on your YouTube channel or article will not land you in any copyright issues i.e it is free to use. However, there is some restriction on the use of this logo. You can’t use this logo for commercial purpose i.e, you can print it on t-shirts, mobile covers but you can’t sell them. If they found you doing so then they will take serious action against you for doing this.

Download Clash of Clans Font

Note: This logo is a property of supercell media. We don’t hold any rights about it. It is only kept here for promotional purposes.

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