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Download Clash of Souls Server APK S1, S2, S3, S4

Clash of Soul: Soul of Private Server.

As the empire of private servers is getting vast and many of them are as famous as normal coc. In the 2014 launched private server “The Clash of Souls” is emerging as the best and famous among them. This server is also known by the name “Dark Soul” and provides you with unlimited stuff variety of mods and in-game commands. Also to mention that it is among the first servers to provide TH12 same with the real coc.

clash of souls loading screen
clash of souls loading screen

So, Why Clash Of Souls?

The answer is simple, it is not restricted as our normal coc. You get pretty everything you wish from the game and you have it as you want by customizing it within game commands as well. Since the real coc doesn’t provide all such fun the private servers are becoming popular among players and dark soul is the simplest one. You have everything free here. No in-app purchases here.

Clash of Souls is really a fun as it also comes in 4 distinct type servers and each one them has different USPs and features. So whatever your taste would be and what you like the most of it, you can choose accordingly. Each server has its unique mods and also you get weekly updates for bug fixing. These servers are well managed, aren’t they?

Clash of Soul installation guide:

For your kind information friends, this clash of souls servers are available on multiple platforms viz, on Android and iOS as well. So it has a vast fan base. No matter what device you can enjoy and play it.

By reading the post until now you might be very anxious to play on this server. For that what should you do? And how to do? To install the clash of souls apk is a very simple process like we do for other apps. As you know there are four different servers and each of them has Even though if you have any difficulties then follow the instruction given below:

  1. From the links given above choose the server, you want to install and download it through the link mentioned. Now you have the apk file of it.
  2. From your downloads click on the apk file and you will see install option. Now tap on the install.
  3. For some people, the third party installation is blocked. For them, Go to settings > App settings or Security options. You will see Unknown Sources. Now tap on it to enable. Now you could install the app.
  4. Go back to our apk file in your download folder in a file manager.
  5. Click on the Apk file> then click install. This installation will take a few minutes. After its done, you are ready to play it.
  6. Go to your apps section you will see the logo of the game, click it. Now the game is open. Just put your credentials and you are ready to play.

Download Clash of Soul Private APK:

As mentioned before there 4 servers of it and each of them is different in its own way. They have their high points which we are going to see the next. So choose wisely which suits you. But I would suggest you to try all of them for one time at least. So, moving forward let’s see what we got here.

Download clash of Soul server 1 apk (The Soul Eater):

The first server a.k.a “the soul eater” has every bit of the trick. This includes modded add-ons without any limit on buying. You get unlimited access to resources and unlimited storage space. You can give various commands in it. Actually, every command which is possible can be given here unlike the other three servers. The most amazing part of this server is that you have troops from other games of supercell too. i.e “Boom Beach” and “Clash Royal”.

Download clash of Soul server 2 apk (The Heart of Soul):

This server is a little bit compact so that you could have some challenge in the game. Here, the mods are limited for buying and also you get limited command. We can say that it is the sophisticated private server as being private it still posses the limitation. It is partially modded. But you will get other features which would be helpful and fun to play.

Download clash of Soul server 3 apk (The Velocity of Soul):

It is the most basic server in all of them. As this server is strict because it doesn’t provide any commands and mods as well. The only thing you get here concession in the upgrade time and army training. Amazingly, this server is one of the most downloaded and popular. We could say the people really do love to play hard by seeing this. Also, you should know that the buildings here are the same as in coc and there are no more extra thing.

Download clash of Soul server 4 apk (The Vengence of The Soul):

This is best ever modded server and to say it is my favourite server. It has literally everything you can think or have. You get unlimited resources, unlimited spaces, mods for almost for anything, commands as much are available are all here. The cherry of cake is that you get buildings and troops from other games too. i.e boom beach and clash royale. It’s hybrid all in one play game server at your service. No question why is this server the most downloaded server.

Note: All the above data is purely information basis and we are not developers of the Clash of souls apk and we do not guarantee anything.

The Conclusion:

So looking at the overall aspects and the public response clash of soul is the best private server. As you already know by now that is completely free and secure. Encryptions are good. You have weekly bug fix updates and all the data of your game is saved properly. You get the handful of commands and mods. This all is very pleasant and a try-worthy.

Go ahead guys and download this fantastic game and don’t forget to follow on Facebook!

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