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Clash of Phoenix APK Download for Android/iOS

We are back with another private server. The Clash of Phoenix is a private server game based on our original coc. It’s all the same coc just with certain mods and tweaks. Like other private servers, it exhibits similar features.

You can have everything you ever wanted in coc here. Gold, Elixirs, Gems, Troops, etc. You just name it and you will have it. The user interface of this game is exactly similar to coc and this makes it more easy and interesting to play. Also, the new update has added the builder hall base which makes more fun to play now.!

clash of phoenix apk

Reasons to Download Clash of Phoenix:

Considering that you have played coc we can assume that you are bored and frustrated with the game rules and regulations and timings of upgrades, training, and buildings. Also, the limited resources which make us stuck in the game for a long long time. But it all ends here. Private servers provide you with all of those comforts and utilities. Clash of Phoenix is one of those and one of the famous among them.

With the latest update, it has gotten much better because now we could play builder base also in this server. Also with the encryption of this server it has become more safe and secure. So, you can play this game tension free.

Features of Clash of Phoenix Server:

  1. The first thing to mention here is the unlimited resources. The gold, elixirs, dark elixirs, gems etc all of the resources are unlimited. Use as much as you need and play till the end.
  2. The upgradations require a significant time but in this server, it is zero. No time is required for upgrades.
  3. Troops training is also fast as it takes zero time to be done.
  4. Buildings require zero time here which is another add-on in private servers.
  5. Talking about customization, the troops, the heroes, the buildings and the spells are customized amazingly like you ever wanted.
  6. Wars
  7. GUIDEare really enjoying as you get all stuff max out. Also, the server has many players so you will enjoy it
  8. This private server game is available on Android and iOS as well. So it has a vast fan base and a large number of active players.
  9. The most notable thing of this game is that on android you are not required to root it. As it runs on without root device seamlessly.
  10. You get regular updates to this server thus the bugs are eliminated from time to time.
  11. Encryption of this server is good which makes it more secure for you.
  12. Installing this game won’t affect your original coc account in any way and you can play both games in the same device.
  13. This application is completely free of cost and there are no in-app purchases here.
  14. Until now I hadn’t seen any bugs, adware, malware or any kind of viruses in this app.

Guide for installation of Clash of Phoenix:

After so much of reading you might be excited for playing this game. But before that we must see the process of installing it.

But first to know about that this game is available on iOS and Android devices so there are different processes for both devices. We will see both processes one after another.

clash of phoenix server

For Android Devices:

The most important thing and most interesting thing is that you don’t require any rooted device and this game runs just finely in any android device above Android 4.0 (KitKat).

  1. Download the clash of phoenix APK file from the link given below.
  2. As android OS doesn’t allow the third party installation you will have to enable the settings from default. You can manually enable it.
  3. For that go to Settings, select App Settings or Security Options for some devices. You will see the Unknown Sources option. Tap on it to enable.
  4. Go back to APK file. Click on it and you will see install option, choose that to install.
  5. Now your app is being installed. This process will require a few minutes and once it is done, your app is been installed
  6. Now you are ready to begin the fun. Just go to the app drawer and click on the icon in the app drawer and start playing.

For iOS Devices:

For iPhone and iPad users, if you want to install this server game you will need the PC/Mac and also the Cydia impactor app in it. Keep in mind that you require any jailbroken device for this clash server to install.

  1. Download the Clash of phoenix IPA file from the link given below.
  2. Now connect your device to the PC/Mac with USB cable connection.
  3. Open Cydia Impactor app and open downloaded files.
  4. Locate the clash of phoenix IPA file, drag and drop it in Cydia Impactor
  5. Cydia will ask you for apple credentials. Enter your Apple credentials there.
  6. The installation will begin just after you input your Apple ID and password.
  7. Your application will be installed in a few minutes. But it will not open
  8. To open it. Go to Settings > General >Profiles.
  9. Find your Apple ID and Tap on TRUST button.
  10. Now you are ready to play the game.
  11. Go to the home screen, find the app and open it and start playing.

Download the Clash of Phoenix APK / IPA here:

After the learning processes it now time for the practicals. As you have seen the process of installing and playing games. You can download the APK and IPA of the game from the following links given below. Enjoy the game as you imagined.

Download Phoenix Server for Android (apk):

Download Phoenix Server for iPhone (ipa):


Final Words:

So clashers, clash of phoenix is everything you need to be satisfied in the sense of the game. Regular coc is good to play but its timings and rules are really absurd and huge headache. But these private servers are such a relief. Their similar look and less restrictions are boon to us.

Let’s get going, just download the Clash of Phoenix and start the fun journey….!

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