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Download Clash of Nulls Private Server APK | Latest 2018 Version

After playing for a long time we present to you the easiest and simple coc private server “clash of nulls”. As you know that coc is a really fun game but it is painful to wait for a long duration every time for upgrades, resources collection, training, and buildings. But all these flaws are covered in the private servers. Nulls Clash is one of them and we will now see all about it and the way to download and install it.

download clash of nulls
download clash of nulls

Few Facts About Clash of Nulls:

Basically, this private server is simple and easy to use. Nulls Clash a.k.a nulls clash 709 provides us everything like other private servers like unlimited resources, zero upgrade times, buildings times and training times. Etc etc. Also, you get a few commands in this game. These commands are really handy maybe they are less but useful.

Two important things you guys should know about this server is that you will get the TH12 in the upcoming update and builder base war will also be available soon with the updates.

Another thing to mention here is that you will not see the battle machine in the builder base but it is available in the builder base wars.

Fantastic Features Clash of Nulls:

As all private servers are designed and built to overcome the flaws and restrictions of the real coc and so is the null clash. It also provides similar things and features. We will see those features next and let’s discuss them thoroughly…

  1. You get unlimited resources as like other private servers and to be precise about it, we get  100000000 of each gold, elixir, dark elixirs and gems typically 6000000 which can be refilled. Also, these are refilled as soon as you spent.
  2. Zero time for upgradations, buildings, troop training, and heroes sleep period is not needed to back up his powers.
  3. There are no noticeable mods in this server so it’s pretty much like the real coc.
  4. The best of this server is that you can attack your own base with a command to see it’s strength and defense so test yourself.
  5. In-game commands are less than other private servers but are significant and usable.
  6. Builder base one on one wars are available. This is really similar to coc.
  7. This app doesn’t affect your real coc account and both can be played and installed on the same device.
  8. Few commands are also available in this server which is discussed below.
  9. The customization is also available but it has just a slight effect on it.

Useful Commands in the Nulls Clash:

  1. /clean – It cleans your base and resets it as new.
  2. /asp – with the help of this command you can attack your own base. This helps in checking and testing your own base defense
  3. /max – this command refills your storages with all resources as much as possible.
  4. /full  this command upgrades all buildings to max level
  5. /cct – this command is spell breaker as it removes all spells and units
  6. /m <tag> <message> – if you want to private message to a player this command can be used for it.
  7. /stats – To know about your server statistics we can use this command.
  8. /vk  To get VKID of your account, use this command.
  9. /hero <name> <lvl>– the most used command as it is used to set hero levels.

Install Nulls Clash APK by Following Steps:

It’s easy to install the APK for you guys but still, we provide you the details belonging it so that it would be easier to you guys too and for new members who might face trouble while installing the nulls clash APK. Let’s see the steps..

  1. First Download the Nulls Clash apk file from links given below.
  2. As Android OS doesn’t allow the third party installation you will have to enable the settings from default. You can manually enable it.
  3. To enable it,  go to Settings, select App settings or security options for some devices. You will see the Unknown Sources option. Tap on it to enable.
  4. Go back to APK file. Click on it and you will see install option, select that to install.
  5. Now your app is being installed. This process will require a few minutes and once it is done, your app is been installed
  6. Now you are ready to begin the fun. Just go to the app drawer and click on the icon in the app drawer and start playing.

Disclaimer: All information here is not guaranteed and we don’t endorse anything. We are not responsible for anything related to given information and its just FYI basis.

Download Clash of Nulls APK {LATEST UPDATED}:

After so much of hype and knowing about this server you might be excited to try it. So go ahead and download the APK from the link below.

Final Thoughts:

From my point of view, this server is awesome and it is really simple and easy to use. Especially this server is better for the amateur and newbies who want to play the private servers. Also, this server is secure and stable so don’t worry before installing it. Just give it a shot and download the nulls clash and play..!

See you guys with the next private server in the next article and don’t forget to follow coc private servers on facebook.

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