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Download Clash of Magic APK: Private Server [2019 Latest]

Hello friends! We are back with our private server saga and today we have the best private server ever made “The Clash of Magic”. It’s simply magical as the name suggests. Launched back in 2015 it has become widely popular among the players of a private server. This server possesses a variety of mods and comes in four versions of its own. Let’s know about this awesome server in details.

It is a private server which host the game seamlessly to play. Like other servers, it’s similar to clash of clans game and it is more identical to it the other private servers. It has four types of the server which are name metamorphically and has unique features of their own. We will see them and further. They are moded and un-moded as well. It’s a clean and smooth server without any bugs and if bugs are detected they eliminated in the updates which are regular. So, it’s a reliable and secure private server. Also to mention it’s active all the time to say 24×7 and has millions of active players.

What we have here?

As we know in coc there are rules and restrictions. There is the time gaps and upgrade limits. So all this sucks basically and we need a solution over these things. These solutions are offered in private servers which provides us everything possible in the game. So, Clash of magic is one such server with the best of the best mods and tricks. Also, they are stable and secure as the servers are well encrypted and bugs are fixed regularly. Everything against the boredom and your limitations are present here. Let’s get a quick summary of what it has….

1. Unlimited Resources.

2. Unlimited Troops.

3. Modifications to almost everything.

4. All Goblin maps are unlocked.

5. Zero training time.

6. Zero time for upgrades.

7. Zero time for buildings. Etc

8. 24×7 uptime.

9. Millions of active players.

10. Regular updates and events similar to coc.

Custom Army Troops, Heros and Custom Buildings:

The main attraction of this server is that it offers customization to heroes and buildings. This made the server famous so soon and on the vast scale. All the heroes and buildings from original coc can be customized here and you king or queen of each troop fully customized. The one of my favorite thing which is available is customized obstacles and decorative obstacles. Below is the list of everything custom available in the clash of magic server APK.

Custom Heroes Custom Buildings
Dragon King Electro Dragon Tower
Witch Queen All THs as Decorations
Lava King Toxic Minion Tower
Golem King Minion Tower
Night Witch Queen Jonawen Tower
Mini Sparky Baby Dragon Tower
Giant Skeleton King Goblin Hut
Balloon King Villager Tower
Valkyrie Queen Barbarian King Tower
Battle Ram King Damager Tower
Goblin King Bats Tower
Pumpkin King Mini Sparky Tower
Bat Queen Witch Tower & More
P.E.K.K.A Queen All Builder items as Normal Village items
Bowler King Ice Wizard Tower
Giant King Skeleton Tower
Wizard King Night Witch Tower
Baby Dragon Queen Goblin Town Hall
Minion King P.E.K.K.A Tower
War machine (Normal Village) Archer Queen Tower
Hog King All obstacles and special stuff like XMAS Trees as Decorations

How to Install the Clash of Magic Server APK?

So, as you are here know about the server, it’s obvious that you would want to play it. By far now we have learnt about the server now it’s time play and has experience on your own. First to be known is that this server is bug-free and well encrypted. So you need not worry as it is totally secure and also they provide regular updates. Thus, all is well here. Now let’s see how to install these in your device.

  1. Download the clash of magic APK file from links above.
  2. As Android OS doesn’t allow the third party installation you will have to enable the settings from default. You can manually enable it.
  3. For that go to Settings, select APP SETTINGS OR SECURITY OPTIONS for some devices. You will see the Unknown Source Option. Tap on it to enable.
  4. Go back to APK file. Click on it and you will see install option, choose that to install.
  5. Now your app is being installed. This process will require a few minutes and once it is done, your app is been installed
  6. Now you are ready to begin the fun. Just go to the app drawer and click on the icon in the app drawer and start playing.

Download Clash of Magic APK {Private Server 2018 Version}:

As all the fingers are not of the same size so is the peoples. Everyone has different choices and different tastes. So the developers also provide us the 4 varieties of clash of magic server. Each server has different mods and styles. They are named interestingly and you can choose from any of them. It’s all depends on your liking and way of playing and requirements of yours. Let us unfold their “MAGIC” one by one.

Download Clash of Magic S1 (The Black Magic):

Well friends this server is complete package of everything. Anything you wish and will be at your service. This server contains all the mods and customization available by the clash of magic server APK. It also have unlimited gold, gems and elixirs. This is a totally free hand server as you can give in-game commands as well. Have it all your way…! It has been downloaded millions of time and most favourite one among the four servers.


Download Clash of Magic S2 (The Hall of Magic):

This server was introduced firstly for overloaded response from players and supportive server because of huge number of players, which would had to be accommodated. Talking about its features it is rather similar to the first server and almost identical in every aspects. It also has everything unlimited and fully customed. You get unlimited troops and time required for training and upgradations is zero. You have everything here and most interestingly it is a very good server for wars and Goblin maps.

Download Clash of Magic S3 (The Power of Magic):

So guys if you are looking for more challenging (less than real coc) server,it is available here. This server is partially moded and made a bit tougher than above two servers for reasonable fun. It is for the guys looking for some action with less restrictions. To mention the facts, it comes with 10000 of gold, elixirs and other resources. Remember gems are limited too. The advantages of this server is that you get zero time for upgrades, buildings and trainings. Well this is handy if you know the patient required in real coc.


Download Clash of Magic S4 (The Power of Magic 2):

According to the name it feels like it is a sequel to the server 3 and obviously it is. This server has similar features as in the server 3 which are likely not the features but the restrictions and the limited purpose. It does have few mods and slight customizations. Also to mention it has 10000 gold, elixirs etc. But as it seems semi moded it is best for players who like a little toughness. As per my usage I can say it is really better for wars as limits bound the players.


Note: All the data we provide is total information based and we do not guarantee and promote anything.

The end of the magic:

So, as you have read about the magic server. You must also know that it is a really great app to kill boredom. The real coc is a great game but we rather not have nerves to play the game with so many of the rules and regulations. So these private servers are real saviors to us. They provide us with all the fun and in no time.

The magic server is best in its class as it provides us compatibility for both Android and iOS users thus we get so many players to play and it’s uptime i.e 24×7 which makes it a fan favorite. So Download Clash of Magic apk right now.

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Well, see you friends next time with a new private server.

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