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Download Clash of Lights APK Server S1, S2, S3, S4

Hey guys..! Are you bored of regular coc..? Here is the savior for you fanboys. This the best server among all the private servers of coc. And here’s the way to download clash of lights server and play the game seamlessly.

As you know the various restrictions and time periods in coc for almost every activity. This makes regular coc a tough job. But on this server, you have access to all the stuff and in no time. This heightens the interest of playing coc.

clash of lights server
Talking technically lights server is based on C# and is the smoothest, fastest, and efficient private server. Further, are given steps to download clash of lights apk and how to play it with a trivia of it as well.

Features of clash of lights server:

  • 100% Uptime: This clash of clans private server never goes down. So far, it has 100% uptime, with not a single maintenance break at all.
  • Unlimited Resources: Collecting resources will not be the problem anymore. Cause, like others, this private server also comes with unlimited resources.
  • Everything is Saved: Many coc private servers do not allow the user to save their progress. But unlike other servers, you can save your progress in Clash of lights server.You do not have to start from the beginning every time, you can resume your work from where you left it.
  • Regular Updates: To Give Smooth Gaming experience to clashers and to add new features, developers of this server update it most frequently.So make sure that you have the latest version of this server.
  • Working Clan Features: There are many private servers, those also offers unlimited resources. But they have a big drawback, that is the features of clan do not work in them. But in light server, all clan features work properly, the way in which they work in the original clash of clans.In this private server, you can donate Troops and you can go to the clan wars with your custom army.
  • Ads Free: This is what makes light servers one of the best private server for Coc. This server is totally ads free you won’t see any ads in this server while playing.
  • 100% Secure: This is the kind of private server, but don’t worry they take users security very seriously. They are using many encryption techniques to store user data.Still, you are worried about your device security then let me tell you that, I have personally tested this server. and I found this server is totally secure.

How to install clash of lights servers:

Installing the Clash of Clan Light server is very easy. But if you still don’t know how to install this server properly. Then, I will suggest you to read this guide very carefully until the end. And I’m sure that If you read this guide carefully till the end. Then You will be able to install this server by yourself.

Friends, don’t get confused, as this private server has four different versions. But we can install all of them in the same way.

So to install this server just follow these steps:

  1. First of all, Download Clash of Lights apk with TownHall 13 update. As I told you earlier this server has four different versions. You can download any version of this server, that you feel is right for you.
  2. By default, third-party app installation is blocked on any Android device. So to install lights server APK, you have to enable this option manually. To enable it, go to your Device’s Settings. then go to Security Option, And then you will get “Unknown Sources” option there. To enable, just tap on it.
  3. Now, locate the downloaded server APK file. Then tap on it to start the installation process.
  4. As soon as you click on the apk file, the installation process will begin. Then follow the instructions shown on your mobile screen.
  5. The installation process will take a few minutes and then this server will get installed on your Android device.

How easy it was. Now launch the game by tapping on the server icon and start enjoying unlimited resources.

Download Clash of Lights apk:

This private server is the most downloaded private server. The only light server apk is downloaded more than 8 million times in a month. From this point, you can guess, how popular this server is.

Unlike other websites, you can download lights server with just a single click from this website. Neither you need to participate in any kind of surveys and no redirections to the third party ads. Simply click on the download button and your download will get started right away.

Clash of Light Server 1 (Clash of Light S1):

This Clash of light s1 is the best among all as it is the most downloaded clash of clans server. This server requires moded apk file and it can work on unrooted device smoothly.

Light server 1 provided unlimited gems and gold with zero upgrade time. Also, you will get every possible customization to almost everything in coc mainly the army, buildings etc. It is really a use worthy private server and it will provide you with a great fun time.


Clash of Light Server 2 (Clash of Light S2):

If you are looking for a server where you can customize heroes at your will and upgrade them as you wish and play them at your need then you got light s2 for this. One thing to be known about this server is that it works best on a rooted device.

For clean use, you should have the rooted device which enhances the gameplay. It is a second most downloaded server in the clash of light s2 and one of my favourite.

Clash of Light Server 3 (Clash of Light S3):

Friends if you love playing wars then this light s3 server is one for you. This server is best for the custom army and you will see a lot of enthusiastic players locking horns for war plays.

Customization of an army is the main use for this server and I am sure that you will love to play on this server. Also, this server is most active as there are many active war players. Try this and enjoy this clash of light s3.

Clash of Light Server 4 (Clash of Lights S4):

This light server 4 is the powerful and stable server out of all the servers mentioned above. Clash of light s4 is mostly liked by the customized heroes lovers. It provides one of the best customizations to heroes and also for buildings as they can combine to form the best defense to a clan.

A thing to remember is that you should have a rooted device for clean performance of the game. Play well buddies.

Do you worried about the virus?

Then, let me tell you that, each file posted on this website is tested on And that means they are 100% safe.

We also don’t like the virus.

Well, friends before downloading clash of clans light server you should know that there are 4 types of a light server. They are most likely similar and alike. But as per my use, I have determined the strong points of each of them vividly. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Final words

So far, you know how to Download Clash of Lights and it’s gameplay. So go ahead and see what fun is there to play coc on this Server without any restrictions. Everything is available as dreamt of it. Once again to remind you that it is a clean and safe server so don’t have any second thoughts on the Light server.

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