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Clash of Dreams Server APK Download for Free {Latest 2019 Version}

Hey friends.! Do you want to play coc without any restrictions.? Then the clash of dreams is something you would be dreaming. As you may have heard about private servers for coc, the dreams server is one of the best in it.

Today we are going to know about this server thoroughly and how to download clash of dreams apk. To start with it, it is a fully secure and safe private server with a lot of dedicated players in it. This server provides you with everything you could think of in coc gameplay.

clash of dreams apk
clash of dreams apk

So what you get here.? You get.

Features of Clash of Dreams Server:

  • Unlimited resources i.e plenty of gems lots of gold and too many elixirs and dark elixirs which you can use blindly for everything. This helps in max out town halls and upgrades. Usually for this in regular coc you need to wait for a really long time. For me, it was a year almost with a few purchases too.
  • Unlimited storage space which never fills so you can dump a lot of resources. As resources mining doesn’t require time. You can have it in a blink.
  • If you love heroes and troops and like them moded then you have it here. As this server provide mods to heroes, army, troops, spells, buildings, and whatever you could think off.
  • Need not worry about housing space as there are no such limits for it. Customize your army at your will and want a strong defense? Then customize buildings as you wish, increase your defense by fusing the buildings and to be honest you will really need a very very strong defense since other players also have the facility to customize their armies.
  • Upgrades in coc made me go crazy. It would take days to upgrade anything as you further move in a game. This made me turn to private servers. So to consider you might also have fed up to these time lapses. So to speak this server provides you with the comfort of zero upgrade time. Isn’t it satisfying?

All the above comforts are applicable to builder base too. This makes PVP battles play worthy. And to mention it PVP battles are time-based as in regular COC.

How to install Clash of Dreams apk?

First thing remembers you don’t require a rooted device for this install and play. So moving on to process.

  1. Download the clash of dream APK file from links above.
  2. As Android OS doesn’t allow the third party installation you will have to enable the settings from default. You can manually enable it.
  3. For that go to Settings, select App Settings or Security Options for some devices. You will see the Unknown Sources option. Tap on it to enable.
  4. Go back to apk file. Click on it and you will see installation options, select that to install.
  5. Now your app is being installed. This process will require a few minutes and once it is done, your app is been installed
  6. Now you are ready to begin the fun. Just go to the app drawer and click on the icon in the app drawer and start playing.

The Dream Server is available 100% free and there is no in-app purchase so you need not worry about money. Just download it and enjoy tension free.

Talking about free it is also bugs Free. Don’t need to keep worrying about a device and your security as no harm will occur.

Talking security it is totally secure as the server is encrypted and well managed.

Clash of dream server is the best private server as it is live 24×7. And there are many players active all the time. So you can be sure about wars at any time at your will.

To mention one of the facts which are important. The clash of dreams has similar events and themes as per the regular COC. For eg. Xmas event and theme. Also, you get surprised obstacles and gift similar to coc. So with this, you won’t miss the regular coc.

Download Clash of Dreams APK:

Installing clash of dreams is a quite simple job. To make it easier we provide you with its download links and an installation guide. Refer the steps mentioned below to install it. However, for iPhones, you would need a jailbroken device and Cydia impactor to run it but for Android, it is quite simple as for other apps.

The dreams server is available on Android and iOS as well. So you can download it on any of your devices. Since it has multiple platforms systems there are plenty of players at your disposal. So go ahead.

Credits: We are not official developers of the clash of dreams server and we do not guarantee anything. All the data here is just information-based.

Final words:

The clash of dreams apk is great for guys who love wars as there are many players active wars are totally worthy and full of fun.

As we learned pretty much about this coc server, you may have come to know about it and how to download dream server. So start having fun. Give it a shot. Enjoy the limitless and restriction less playing.

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