Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK {Updated 2019 Versions}

Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK {Updated 2019 Versions}
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Clash of Clans Private Server: If you are here, then you are definitely looking for some solution to get unlimited gems, gold, elixir, dark elixir with all troops unlocked and zero upgrade time in our all-time favorite game “The Clash of Clans” by Supercell.


The CoC Private Servers are the ones with all your needs. There are more than 100 of the clash of clans private servers. They work on both Rooted and Non-rooted devices. We have listed some mostly downloaded of them.

Please, do go through the features of the clash of clans private servers to choose wisely, the best one of them.

What is Coc Private Server?

The Coc private server apk is a kind of modded version of Clash of clans. Actually, online games like CoC are server-based games. Therefore the data isn’t stored on internal storage but on the servers, which are maintained by their respective developers like Supercell of Clash of clans.

Getting to the point, coc private servers are the ones, which are not hosted by the “Supercell” or on supercell servers but rather by a third-party or on third-party servers. They don’t differ a bit from the original Clash of Clans. They have the same gameplay but with everything near about unlimited, Custom Mods and other features.

As we told you before, there are more than 5 private servers. Each one has its own unique features and are hosted by different organizations or developers but not by “Supercell”.These are rather private servers, with high stability and are less crowded.

The ClashofSouls (DarkSouls), Clash of Lights and Clash of Magic are the most popular coc private servers app for Android and iOS. The Coc private server download links for each one are given below.

Features of Clash of Clans Private Servers:

The overall collective features of all Clash of clans private servers are explained here in a detailed description and lucid language. These features are awesome and will definitely force you to download coc private servers and to uninstall the original clash of clans.
1. The first amazing feature of coc private servers apk is that you can have each and every resource like Gems, Gold, Elixir and dark elixir up to minimum 10,000,000 and above, which generally sounds like unlimited.

2. If you are thinking that the above feature is the most coolest than you are absolutely wrong! Well looks like you haven’t heard about Custom Troops yet. This allows you to train and use custom troops like P.E.K.K.A Queen, Goblin King, Giant King, Balloon King, Skeleton King, and a number of other troops too.

3. You can get your hands on Custom Defenses too. Defensive Troops and buildings like Archer Queen Tower, Mini Sparky Tower, P.E.K.K.A Tower, and a lot more like these are available in Clash of Clans Private Servers.

4. Not only custom troops and Custom Defense but you can unlock any and all buildings, decorations and can upgrade them to Max within Seconds. The minimum limit of buildings is up to 1000.

5. In Clash of Clans private servers, you can train Troops as much as 5,000 and above. The time taken to train the troops of this is almost 0.

6. In some private servers like Dark souls, custom building and Custom troops from Clash Royale and Boom Beach are found. You can use them all in farming and War bases layouts.

7. The Self-Attacking feature is the far most best feature of Coc private servers. It enables you to attack on your own base. Using this feature, one can test his own base layout against his own attacking strategy. This gives us an idea about how strong our attack and defense skills are.
To know more about the features of coc private servers, download it now!

How to download Coc private server?

It is a very simple process! Just choose any private server wisely from the below list, by referring to its performance and capability as explained below them. Then just click or tap on the coc private server download link given below them, to explore a lot more of its features.

The Coc Private Servers List:

There are many private servers but we have listed some popular and mostly download from them here.

1. Clash of Souls 

2. Clash of Lights

3. Clash of Magic

4. Clash of Nulls

Let’s take look at each of them one by one.

Clash of Souls (DarkSouls):

The Clash of Souls, popularly known as Dark Souls is the most emerging coc private servers in the past few years. Provided with Custom Mods like Unlimited Resources, Custom Troops and Heroes, Custom Buildings, 5000 army capacity, and a lot of other mods can be seen in the Clash of Souls Private Servers.

Clash of Lights:

Known for its stability and Self-attacking feature, the Clash of Lights Private Server is the second most famous private server of Coc. By entering commands in the Global Chats, you can enable cheats and different mods. For Ex. If you enter “/upgrade” in the chat box then all your buildings and troops will be upgraded automatically.

Clash of Magic:

The Clash of Magic comes in four different servers, having different features. All of them have infinite resources but some of them have 0 Build Cost and Construction Time whereas some of them have NORMAL build cost and Construction time. The buying limit of buildings in some of them is unlimited.

Clash of Nulls (Nulls Clash):

The Clash of Nulls Private Server has all the features of above private servers. Unlimited resources, all building, and heroes unlocked, high stability, speed and built-in commands (Cheats) are the features of Clash of Nulls. This private server is highly recommended for high speed and selective mods.

How to install Clash of Clans Private Server?

Even if there are different types of Clash of Clans private server, the installation process for each one is quite the same.

Please do follow the steps as explained below:

1. Download coc private server of your choice from above given Coc private servers download link given below them.

2. If the “Unknown Sources” option is disabled by default then do enable it through settings > security.

3. Once the apk file is downloaded, go to your downloads and tap on it to begin the installation.

4. A blog will appear, tap OK. Just wait for seconds and then your Coc Private server for Android will be successfully installed.

5. This installation of the private server will not overwrite or uninstall the original coc installed on your device.

So that’s it!

Now you can play Clash of Clans without any barriers and limits. Enjoy Unlimited Clashing with everything Unlimited.

Note: Do not update Coc private server apk, if any update notification for Coc private server apk appears from Google Play store. This will reinstall the original clash of clans and the private server will be uninstalled completely.

You can update Coc private server apk from here. All you have to do is download coc private server latest updated version directly from this website and then installing it.

Final words:

The coc private server is the best-modded version or hack of the clash of clans ever seen before. These private servers are 100% working. They are malware free, protected, safe and secure. You can download these private servers from this page absolutely for free.

These private servers give you custom mods, custom troops, custom defense, custom buildings and most fun and important of all Unlimited Resources like Gems, Golds, Elixir, Dark Elixir, etc. They are of different types and with different unique features. To know how to download coc private server you can refer to the above download section or know the installation process you can refer to how to install coc private server? section.

If you are having any trouble, queries or problems related to the downloading, installing or any other queries then please contact us through the contact us page or comment us below.

Thank You!