Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK {Updated 2018 Versions}

Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK {Updated 2018 Versions}
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Hey, bored clashers..! Looking for clash of clans private server?

Here it is then, just read the article further and you will be the happiest clashers.

You may be tired of long waiting periods and fewer rewards for that isn’t it.? But that was the real coc and now everything is going to change upside down because we are here with solutions to your problems and end to the pain.

Clash of clans is a great game to play but it has become the painful part of the life of our guys. It’s all because of the things that are controlled by the supercell to keep you intact in the game for a long period.

What is the Clash of Clans private server?

Hosted by the third party providers, coc private servers are doppelgangers of coc as they look almost similar but provides you with unlimited resources, unlimited Troops, zero upgrades, building and training time. Also, we get great customization to the troops, heroes, and the spells. In-game commands are the next highlights of these servers.

There are a lot more things on these servers and there are many private servers. Out these servers, we are going to see the top 5 of them. These servers are briefly introduced further in the article and also we explained how to download the clash of clans servers APK and install them.

Let’s see our clash of clans private servers list (2018 edition):

  1. Clash of Souls.
  2. Clash of Magic.
  3. Clash of Lights.
  4. Clash of Phoenix.
  5. Nulls Clash.

Remeber: There are no viruses and malware in these apks. So it’s safe and secure.

Clash of Souls: The Best Clash of Clans Private Server.

The most famous and popular private server currently available is the clash of souls. Also famous by the name “Dark Soul” this server provides you unlimited stuff with a variety of mods and in-game commands. Clash of Souls is really a fun as it also comes in 4 distinct type servers and each one them has different USPs and features.


Types of clash of souls servers:

  1. Clash of Soul server 1 apk (The Soul Eater):
  2. Clash of Soul server 2 apk (The Heart of Soul):
  3. Clash of Soul server 3 apk (The Velocity of Soul):
  4. Clash of Soul server 4 apk (The Vengence of The Soul):

The feature of the clash of souls private server:

  1. Clash of soul server is the best in aspect of Compatibility as it is available both for Android & iOS. This makes server wide reach as it is famous in both android and iphone users.
  2. Speaking of modifications in the game, this sever has many diverse Mods from a range over 100. So, you get newness every time.
  3. The servers hosting this game are Modular Servers for maximum gaming experience. Thus, your game doesn’t get crashed and you can play safely.
  4. In-game commands here are in a plenty. Just imagine whatever from this game and you already has a command for that.
  5. The resources are limitless as always expected. You get unlimited gold, gems, elixirs and dark elixirs.
  6. Training and building time is zero. Everything is available at instant.


Clash of Magic: Most downloaded COC Private Server.

It is more identical to coc than other private servers. Clash of Magic sever has four types of the server which are name metamorphically and has unique features of their own. We will see them and further. They are moded and unmoded as well.


Types of clash of magic server:

  1. Clash of magic server 1 (THE BLACK MAGIC):
  2. Clash of magic server 2 (THE HALL OF MAGIC):
  3. Clash of magic server 3 (THE POWER OF MAGIC):
  4. Clash of magic server 4 (THE POWER OF MAGIC 2):

The Feature of clash of magic private server:

1. You get Unlimited Resources here which is the first reason for the birth of private servers.

2.  The army you get is huge as you get Unlimited Troops. Thus, no matter what defense you are facing you are not going to lose.

3. Modifications to almost everything.

4. All Goblin maps are unlocked.

5. The troops and heroes have Zero training time. So there is no need to wait for training. Just attack whenever you want.

6. No more waiting required for anything as we have Zero time for upgrades and  Zero time for buildings. Etc

7. 24×7 uptime.

8. Millions of active players.

9. Regular updates and events similar to coc.


Clash of Lights: Clash of Clans Private Server for youtuber.

Clash of lights is a private server based on C# and is the smoothest, fastest, and efficient private server.

Well friends you should know that there are 4 types of clash of light servers. They are most likely similar and alike. But as per ,my use I have determined the strong points of each of them vividly. Let’s talk about them one by one.


Types of clash of light servers:


The Features of clash of lights server:

  1. 100% Uptime: This clash of clan’s private server never goes down. So far, it has 100% uptime, with not a single maintenance break at all.
  2. Unlimited Resources: Collecting resources will not be the problem anymore. Cause, like others, this private server also comes with unlimited resources.
  3. Everything is saved: Many coc private servers do not allow the user to save their progress. But unlike other servers, you can save your progress in Clash of lights server. You do not have to start from the beginning every time, you can resume your work from where you left it.
  4. Regular Updates: To Give Smooth Gaming experience to clashers and to add new features, developers of this server update it most frequently. So make sure that you have the latest version of this server.
  5. Working Clan Features: There are many private servers, those also offers unlimited resources. But they have a big drawback that is the features of clan do not work in them. But in light server, all clan features work properly, the way in which they work in original clash of clans.
  6. In this private server, you can donate Troops and you can go to the clan wars with your custom army.
  7. This is what makes light servers one of the best private servers for Coc. This server is totally ads free you won’t see any ads in this server while playing.
  8. 100% Secure: This is the kind of private server, but don’t worry they take users security very seriously. They are using many encryption techniques to store user data. Still, you are worried about your device security then let me tell you that, I have personally tested this server. And I found this server is totally secure.


Clash of Phoenix: COC Private Server for Android & iOS.

The Clash of Phoenix is a private server game based on our original coc. It’s all the same coc just with certain mods and tweaks. The user interface of this game is exactly similar to coc and this makes it more easy and interesting to play. Also, the new update has added the builder hall base which makes more fun to play now!


Like other private servers, it exhibits the similar features.

The Features of Clash Of Phoenix server:

  1. The first thing to mention here is the unlimited resources. The gold, elixirs, dark elixirs , gems etcetc all of the resources are unlimited. Use as much as you need and play till end.
  2. The upgradations require a significant time but in this server it is zero. No time is required for upgrades.
  3. Troops training are also fast as it takes zero time to be done.
  4. Buildings require zero time here which is another add on in private servers.
  5. Talking about customization, the troops, the heroes, the buildings and the spells are customised amazingly like you ever wanted.
  6. Wars are really enjoying as you get all stuff max out. Also, the server has many players so you will enjoy it.
  7. This private server game is available on android and iOS as well. So it has vast fan base and large number of active players.
  8. The most notable thing of this game is that on android you are not required to root it. As it runs on without root device seamlessly.
  9. You get regular updates to this server thus the bugs are eliminated time to time.
  10. Encryption of this server is good which makes it more secure for you.
  11. Installing this game won’t affect your original coc account in anyway and you can play both games in the same device.
  12. This application is complete free of cost and there are no in-app purchases here.


How to install clash of phoenix?

This game is available on iOS and Android devices so there is a different process for the both devices. We will see both processes one after another.

For Android Devices:

The most important thing and most interesting thing is that you don’t require any rooted device and this game runs just finely in any android device above Android 4.0 . (KitKat)

  1. Download the clash of phoenix APK file from link given below.
  2. As android OS doesn’t allow the third party installation you will have to enable the settings from default. You can manually enable it.
  3. For that go to SETTINGS, select APP SETTINGS OR SECURITY OPTIONS for some devices. You will see UNKNOWN SOURCES option. Tap on it to enable.
  4. Go back to APK file. Click on it and you will see install option , choose that to install.
  5. Now your app is being installed. This process will require few minutes and once it is done, your app is been installed
  6. Now you are ready to begin fun. Just go to the app drawer and click on the icon in app drawer and start playing.
For iOS Devices:

For iPhone and iPad users, if you want to install this server game you will need the PC/Mac and also the Cydia impactor app in it. Keep in mind that you require any jailbroken device for this clash server to install.

  1. Download the Clash of phoenix IPA file from the link given below.
  2. Now connect your device to the PC/Mac with USB cable connection.
  3. Open Cydia Impactor app and open downloaded files.
  4. Locate the clash of phoenix IPA file, drag and drop it in Cydia Impactor
  5. Cydia will ask you for apple credentials. Enter your Apple credentials there.
  6. The installation will begin just after you input your Apple ID and password.
  7. Your application will be installed in a few minutes. But it will not open
  8. To open it. Go to Settings > General >Profiles.
  9. Find your Apple ID and Tap on TRUST button.
  10. Now you are ready to play the game.
  11. Go to the home screen, find the app and open it and start playing.

Nulls Clash: Clash of Clans Private Server with cheats.

Basically, this private server is simple and easy to use. Nulls Clash a.k.a nulls clash 709 provides us everything like other private servers like unlimited resources, zero upgrade times, buildings times and training times. Etc etc. Also, you get a few commands in this game.

Let’s see its features:

The Features of Nulls Clash server:

  1. You get unlimited resources as like other private servers and to be precise about it, we get  100000000 of each gold, elixir, dark elixirs and gems typically 6000000 which can be refilled. Also, these are refilled as soon as you spent.
  2. Zero time for upgradations, buildings, is troop training and heroes sleep period not needed to back up his powers.
  3. There are no noticeable mods in this server so it’s pretty much alike the real coc.
  4. The best of this server is that you can attack your own base with a command to see it’s strength and defense so test yourself.
  5. In-game commands are less than other private servers but are significant and usable.
  6. Builder base one on one wars are available. This is really similar to coc.
  7. This app doesn’t affect your real coc account and both can be played and installed on the same device.
  8. Few commands are also available in this server which is discussed below.
  9. The customization is also available but it has just a slight effect on it.

To learn about commands see our full article.


How to install these Clash of Clans Private Servers?

It’s easy to install the APK for you guys but still, we provide you the details belonging it so that it would be easier to you guys too and for new members who might face trouble while installing private server APK. Let’s see the steps..

  1. First Download the PRIVATE SERVER APK you want from links provided.
  2. As Android OS doesn’t allow the third party installation you will have to enable the settings from default. You can manually enable it.
  3. To enable it go to SETTINGS, select APP SETTINGS OR SECURITY OPTIONS for some devices. You will see UNKNOWN SOURCES option. Tap on it to enable.
  4. Go back to APK file. Click on it and you will see install option, choose that to install.
  5. Now your app is being installed. This process will require few minutes and once it is done, your app is been installed
  6. Now you are ready to begin fun. Just go to the app drawer and click on the icon in app drawer and start playing.

Disclaimer:  We do not endorse or sponsor anything related to this article. Everything provided here is purely information based and we do not guarantee anything.

Final words:

So after the lengthy reading and brief description, you might have understood all about the clash of clans private server as you expected. These servers are really fun to play and are available on every device not just for Android but also if you want coc private servers for iOS it’s available as well.

So guys, if you want to know more about these servers then refer our articles on each of them separately written. And don’t forget to follow on facebook.

Keeping Enjoying..!