Download Clash of Clans Private Server APK {Updated 2019 Versions}

Coc Private Server is the perfect solution for all those clashers, troubled since they started playing ClashofClans. Frustrated cause of lack of resources and gems. And irritated due to the time taken to upgrade town halls and other kinds of stuff.

So do you play Coc? If yes, then you are too a victim of the above headaches. Don’t worry, our aim is to help you through these complications. Here you will get a complete solution for your problems, the coc private servers!
No more Frustrating! No more Waiting!

coc private server

Features of Clash of Clans Private Servers:

The private servers offer a bunch of quite exquisite features. These features are what make these private servers different from the Original Apk.

Let’s see its features:

  1. Unlimited/Infinite Resources: You will get unlimited resources like gems, elixir, dark elixir, spells, etc and much more other stuffs up to 99999999.
  2. Zero Upgrade Time: The Upgrading and Updating time for buildings is 1second only, which makes everything fast-paced.
  3. Larger Army Capacity: It offers 10 times larger Army Capacity than the original one! This allows you to train as much as 50000 or more troops at a time.
  4. Get on the Submarine: You can travel with the Submarine from Home Village to Builder base!
  5. Get Townhall 12 in 1s: These coc private servers offer immediately Upgrade to TownHall 12 in just a matter of seconds, as upgrade time is 1 second.
  6. All Buildings Unlocked: All buildings are unlocked from the very beginning. So there is is no need to wait for a long time to unlock all buildings one by one.
  7. Special and Custom Troops: This feature is the most amazing one! You can train Special troops like Super P.E.K.K.A and Custom troops like P.E.K.K.A Queen, Goblin King, Giant King, Balloon King, Skeleton King, and other heroes too. You can even create your own custom troops too.
  8. Special and Custom Defenses: The Clash of Clans Private Server not only offers special custom troops for the attack but also custom defenses like Archer Queen Tower, Mini Sparky Tower, P.E.K.K.A Tower,etc., too. So that you can defend yourself from custom troops.
  9. COR and BoomBeach Troops: Apart from Custom Troops, you can use troops from Clash of Royale and Boom Beach in your farming, builder and War base layouts. Also, you can use these troops in attacking foes too.
  10. Self-Attacking: The self-attacking feature of private servers is godlike. This featured allows you to attack your own base. In this way, you can test the strength of your defense.
  11. Root Permissions: No need to root your device, these servers work properly and without root and on any android devices.
  12. Anti-Banning: If you are thinking about getting banned, then there is no need to worry! These Coc servers hold no ties with the original apk. You are completely safe from getting banned.

How to install clash of clans servers?

By following this step-by-step guide, you can easily install the private servers on your android or ios devices.

  1. To install these Clash of Clans Hack Servers, first, download any of the four listed servers in the download section.
  2. Once the apk file is downloaded, go to settings and scroll down and tap on security. There you will see the “Unknown Sources” option.
  3. Enable the “Unknown Sources” option as it is disabled by default sometimes.
  4. Now go to file manager or downloads and look for the downloaded Coc hack servers or private servers apk file.
  5. Find and Tap on the apk file to begin the installation process. Sometimes it will ask for few permissions to allow or grant the and Click Install.
  6. Wait for a few moments and your apk file will be successfully installed.

Done! Now your clash of clans private servers apk is successfully installed. You can now launch and enjoy your all-time favorite CoC with some extra special features and some tweaks.

download clash of clans private server

Download CoC Private Servers:

There are different types of private servers but here we have listed only four major, most popular and most downloaded private servers.

As per your taste or choice, you can download Clash of Clans Private servers from the below list from the safe and malware-free link given with their description.

coc private server apk

1. Clash Of Souls (Dark Souls):

In the past few years, the Clash of Souls or Dark Souls is emerging as the most popular and most downloaded server, because of its praise-worthy features. There are four types of souls servers, each one with some exceptional features Such as Custom Mods like Infinite Resources, Custom Buildings, Custom Troops, an army capacity of 5000 and more, etc. Apart from this, there are also other lots of features to be seen in this Clash of Souls Private Server.

Download Clash of Souls Private Server

2. Clash of Lights :

After Dark Souls, the second-best coc private server is the Clash of Lights. This server is mostly known for its Self-attacking feature and stability. You can enable cheats and other mods by entering commands in the global chatbox. For Ex. If you enter “/upgrade” in the chatbox then all of your troops and buildings will be automatically upgraded. I am telling you, this is amazing!

Download Clash of Lights Server

3. Clash of Magic :

Same as Dark Souls, Clash of Magic Server comes in four different types with different features. All Clash of Magic Servers comprises of unlimited resources but in some of them, the building and construction cost is zero, while others have normal building and construction costs. Also, the buying limit of building in some of them is limited. This clash of clans private server is ideal for those, who want to just enjoy the infinite resources.

Download Clash of Magic Server

4.Clash of Nulls (Nulls Clash) :

Clash of Nulls Private Server is best known for its versatility, as this server comprises of features of all other servers. It offers unlimited resources, all buildings and troops unlocked and max army space like dark souls. At the same time, it is also known for its high speed, stability and selective mods like Clash of Lights. By selective mods, it means you can enter cheat commands in the global chatbox the same as Clash of Lights. It’s an all-in-one coc private servers apk. It mostly recommended the server after dark souls.

Download Clash of Nulls Server

Conclusion :

That’s it!

As above, we have seen pretty much everything about these awesome Coc Private Servers! About its features, it offers everything unlimited as unlimited resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir, etc. On the other hand, it enabled us to use different custom troops, defenses and custom buildings also.

So if you are bored of the original apk, constantly waiting for a long time to upgrade buildings, train troops, and other things, then hurry, the link to Download Coc Private Servers is in the above download section! It is safe, secure, and malware-free and tested. Also, as you can see, the installation process for the same is explained above in details.

So now if you have any queries or questions related to the features, functionality, download or installation process of Coc private server, then do let us know through the comments!


Are COC private servers safe?

Out of the question! These private servers are completely tested, safe, secure and malware-free. So it is absolutely safe to install the private servers.

Do we really get Unlimited Resources?

Yes. It’s what these private servers are all about-unlimited resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir, etc as much as 999,999,999. And yes it for free of cost.

Will you get banned for using private servers?

No, these coc private servers work on a completely different server than that of the original apk. It has no relation with the original one. Besides, these private servers have an anti-ban feature. Therefore, your account will never get banned.

Are these private servers free?

Yes, these coc servers are free of cost. You don’t have to pay a single penny to download or install these awesome versions of clash of Clans.

Do we require rooted devices?

No, absolutely not. There is no need to root your android device or jailbreak iPhones. These private servers work absolutely fine and without root. It works on both the rooted and non-rooted device the same.

Do these private servers work on Windows Os?

Yes, using bluestack or any other similar android emulators on windows devices, you can download and install coc private server. So yes, it works on Windows too.